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Looking for professional window cleaners for your Menifee CA home or residence? Black Belt Window Cleaning can provide you with our professional and quality residential window cleaning services. BBWC is dedicated to delivering only the best residential window cleaning services through our dedicated staff and reliable residential window cleaners and commercial window washers. Clean windows can transform the look of a room and BBWC offers detailed and thorough exterior cleaning services at affordable prices. Our attention to detail and commitment to complete work in a timely and efficient manner sets us apart.

Home Window Being Cleaned in Menifee CA

We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual window cleaning services and window washing services. Aside from our regular professional window cleaner services, we also offer special window washing services such as removal of stain and scraping off paint, glue, and other types of residue.


Our Menifee, CA Professional Window Washing Process

The first thing we will do is remove all of the screens if you have them and stack them to be washed. Most of the dust and pollen that blows into your house comes in through the window. If your house has screens, having a thorough cleaning along with the window glass is very important for two reasons. The first is that your screens act as the initial filter for outside allergens and should be brushed out on a regular basis. The second is that when it rains, if you have dirty screen then the rain drops will first hit the screen and then the glass behind it transferring any dirt on the screen onto your freshly cleaned glass. For that reason it is very important to clean the screens.


After removing screens the windows will be cleaned of any paint or hard deposits. The glass will be scrubbed with soap and squeegeed clean so no spots or streaks are left behind. We also treat the windows to remove hard water spots.


The final step is washing the window track. Over years of time, dirt, bugs, and other debris can build up in the track making them unsightly and also impede the opening and closing of the window. We brush these tracks clean and then wet wash them to remove all dirt.

BBWC is a family-owned and operated company offering many services that can refresh the look of your home. We take pride in providing thorough cleaning to leave your windows looking like new again.


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