7 Reasons Clean Windows Will Help You Sell Your Home

How window cleaning can help you sell your home.

Are you ready to put up your house for sale? Hang on! Check your windows and ensure they are sparkling clean. Did you know that clean windows can determine how many offers you get and the speed of sale? Yes, clean windows make your home sell faster and add to the home sale value. Many successful and smart real estate agents utilize this tip to improve the appeal of their homes and make them sell faster. Clean windows make a good first impression when home buyers check out your property! You should never list your home for sale without first cleaning the windows unless you are not looking to get the best value out of your home. You wouldn’t try to sell your car without giving it a wash would you? Probably not, the same applies for your home, you shouldn’t sell your home without giving it a proper wash. Cleaning your home windows before shooting and listing will add a considerable sparkle and help you sell your home fr more money and sell your home faster! If you don’t already know this real estate property value and sale secret, begin to implement it right away. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Window Cleaning Sell Home

7 Reasons why clean windows boost home value and sell homes faster.

1. Clean windows create a bright and lively living atmosphere

The brighter your home, the faster, it’ll sell. The home’s windows enhance the intensity of light that enters into a home. For a brighter home, it is essential to have large and clean windows. When your windows are clean, light enters in without obstruction. This improves the brightness of the home and makes a prospective buyer feel the immediate warmth and attraction to live in your home. Clean windows easily let natural sunshine into a home. They elevate your moods and make for a healthier and happier home. The brighter your home is before showcasing it to a potential buyer, the more of a good impression it will likely make. The brightness of your home adds to the energy and vitality of the home and boosts your overall feeling. Before making contact with you or your realtor, more than 50% of prospective home buyers will drive past your home after viewing the property listing online. So, it makes good business sense to have your windows looking bright and shiny as prospective buyers view your home from the outside. While prepping your home to show, In addition to cleaning your windows, get rid of every dark looking window cover and ensure that you wipe away all the dust from your blinds. Eliminating dark window covers make the space of the home look bigger and well-ventilated.

2. Shiny windows enhance the curb appeal of your home

No doubt, the curb appeal of a home contributes immensely to the property value. To sell your home faster and at a good price, you need to do everything possible to boost the curb appeal. There are a few little and often neglected things that boost the curb appeal of a home. The top among these is cleaning your home windows before staging and listing. Nothing could equate more than the value it can add to your home. 

Clean windows make your home more attractive to prospective home buyers. Hiring a professional cleaning service is an excellent way to boost the appearance of your home before showcasing the home. Remember, the national associations of Realtors show that you increase your ability to sell your home faster by 49 percent when you boost curb appeal. Window cleaning is most likely the greatest and fastest return on investment for things to do when prepping your home for sale.

3. When selling your home you need to make an excellent first impression

How potential buyers first see your home could make or break their perceived value of your home. It also determines how fast you sell your property. Therefore, if what you want is to sell your home faster and for more money, you must create a good first impression. Believe it or not, it takes a potential home buyer only a few seconds of arriving at a home to determine if it is worthy of his or her money. When a potential home buyer dislikes the outside view of your home, they would care less seeing what you have on the inside. You don’t want to create a wrong first impression; do you? Professional window cleaning is a great way to make your home look better if you are not looking to invest more money into repainting or large scale rehab work. Avoid driving your potential buyer naught and sending them away by ensuring that your windows are clean and spotless. This way, you create a first good impression, and they will connect with your home at first sight. Can you imagine seeing your home with beautiful, brand new looking windows? I hope you do.

4. Clean windows will boost your return on investment

A clean home and clean windows are very significant to home sell value. It also determines how potentially fast it would sell. The payoff is hard to ignore. All smart agents and home sellers would tell you that the difference between a home with clean windows and the ones that are not professionally and well prepared before listing are a night and day difference! It determines whether or not your home will sell successfully and faster. House cleaning is vital because bad windows or poorly cleaned windows cut down the home sale value. A survey that involved two thousand real estate agents found that the home improvement that yields the greatest return on investment is professional window cleaning.

5. Clean windows make the home move-in ready

Ninety-five percent of home buyers want a home that is living-ready. They are not willing to buy a home that needs a lot of improvement or rehabbing or even cleaning. Keeping your home windows clean is one of those ways you can make your home appear ready for buyers to move in.

6. Clean Windows boost your boost your smile

When your windows are gleaming and clean, it impacts your overall feeling. It makes your day brighter. Apart from adding that sparkle and getting your home ready for faster sale, it makes your day. When you have your windows all nice and clean, your heart will beam with smiles to see through it.

7. Clean windows show off the homes architectural features

Clean windows like the inlet window in the dining corner or a big picture window can underscore the structural elements of your home. Besides, you need to ensure that the casements and windows on the second floor are clean because they will quickly get noticed by potential buyers.
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A few window cleaning tips to follow before listing your home for sale

  • Getting your home ready for sale can be overwhelming. It is best to concentrate more on things that offer you the best value and professional window cleaning should be on your top list.
  • The windows in the entrance to your home are of great importance. So, make sure it is inviting and clean.
  • Clean all noticeable flat surfaces including your windowsills
  • Hiring a professional window cleaner can help make your home beautiful, clean and looking new both outside and on the inside.
  • If you are looking to minimize cost, you could avoid windows in places that people don’t readily see and concentrate on the easy to see locations.
  • Besides cleaning, open the roller blinds and curtains to let in as much light as possible into the living space.
  • Remember to clean both the interior and exterior part of the window.

In Conclusion

Clean windows will significantly improve the brightness of your home. Remember, the brighter your home is, the more enticing it would be to home buyers and the faster it would sell. Also, clean windows boost the overall value of your home and can increase your sale amount. Smart real estate agents know that investing in professional window cleaning before staging and listing make homes inviting and more attractive to buyers. Therefore, if you are looking to sell your home faster and for more money, a professional cleaning service is all you need. You will surely get great value for your money. Your home value will escalate with offers from many potential buyers.

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