Frequent Window Cleaning Questions

Window Cleaning Questions

Most Frequent Window Cleaning Questions

Many window cleaning companies count windows differently and this can be confusing as a customer. When a company says 20 windows costs this amount does that mean 20 windows or 20 panes? Also not all windows are the same, certainly if you had 20 windows but many were single pane casement windows and another home had 20 windows but many we’re 3 piece windows and sliding glass doors this cannot equate to the same price right? This is were our online bidding tool becomes very handy. It asks how many of each window type you have and explains with words and images to show you which type of windows we are talking about. This way you can get an exact accurate price foe your home instantly and conveniently just on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you don’t even have to call us if you don’t want to.
What about the screens? You don’t have to count those, screen cleaning is already included in all of our window cleaning packages!

We can clean the exterior and interior of your home. We take extra caution and care for your home especially when we are inside. We always wear shoe covers when inside of your home and make sure to keep the soapy water away from your floors and carpets.

Pricing starts at $125 for window cleaning. We quote our window cleaning services strictly on a per window basis. The specific amount of windows you have and the extent of cleaning required will determine the cost of the service. We can give a few different pricing options by requesting a quote here.

That’s all up to your personal preference. Most of our customers that are on our maintenance cleaning program get their windows cleaned every three or six months. Although some of our customers request their windows cleaned monthly. We would highly recommend getting the inside of your home cleaned once to twice a year and the exterior four times a year. By having your windows cleaned once every season you will get a large discount off of the service price and your windows will stay looking great all year long.

Pure water window cleaning is a method of cleaning windows with filtered water. We implement a triple filtration process which includes a carbon/sediment filter, reverse osmosis filter, and a de-ionazation filter.. This filtration process removes all of the minerals from the water leaving a spot free finish for cleaning windows or solar panels. This is a far more superior cleaning process than traditional methods. There is no chance of any streaks being left behind, and there is no residue from cleaning detergents left behind for dust to be attracted to which leaves the windows or solar panels cleaner for longer.

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