Christmas Light Installation

Christmas Light Installation Temecula Murrieta


Christmas Light Installation Services

Christmas time is near! It's time to decorate the tree, the neighbors lights are going up and you just don't have the time to get around to putting up your own lights. Black Belt Christmas Light Installation is here for you! Whether it’s lining the roof and eaves of your two story home, or tree light wrapping, we can safely put up all of your lights to make for the best Christmas ever! With years of Christmas Light Installation experience we've got you covered this holiday season.



Why use Black Belt Christmas Light Installation?

Hanging Christmas lights for a lot of families is awesome experience, but not everybody is able to do it. Climbing the ladder and accessing your roof line can be dangerous work as well as tedious. Christmas light installation can also be a time suck, and your life is already busy enough even without all the other Christmas chores you have to worry about. Enjoy safely decorating the inside of your home while listening to your favorite Christmas carols and leave the hard, dangerous work to us.



How is Our Christmas Light Installation Different?

Some companies will put up your own lights other companies will provide their own lighting, well we do both. We can put up the lights that you already own or you can use our professional grade Christmas lights. Our Christmas Light Installation service includes: hanging up the lights, taking them down, and if we use your own we will neatly pack them away in your desired storage.


Christmas Light Design

Our Christmas Light Installation service begins with designing your lighting to your specific needs. We'll customize your lighting exactly how you desire and show you pictures of where and how we can hang lighting.


X-Mas Light Installation

Whether you have a small home or multi story estate we can safely and effectively install all of your holiday lighting. We aim to hang all of your lighting safely from the ground with poles and clipping systems but when necessary we have all of the equipment to access your roof line and install your carefully handled Christmas Lights.



Christmas Light Maintenance

Our service takes care of everything, you never have to worry. If for any reason at all due to weather your lighting might begin to detach or move, please give us a call and we will adjust and fix any necessary lighting issues free of charge.


Christmas Light Removal

Once the Holidays have passed we will schedule a time to come and remove your Christmas lights in January. We will neatly pack all of your lighting and cords into your preferred storage ready to be used for the next year without the hassle and headache of untangling any wires or lights.

What You'll Get With Our Christmas Light Services

1 Million Dollar Coverage

All Inclusive Service

Fully Customized

24 Hour Maintenance 

Removal & Storage

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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