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Black Belt Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Are your Solar panels a drab to look at? Solar Panels covered in dirt look gross on your house and their energy production is even worse! We aren't just experts at window cleaning, we also specialize in Solar Panel Cleaning. Black Belt Solar Cleaning is a leader in the Murrieta and Temecula valley for Solar panel cleaning. We provide safe eco friendly solar panel cleaning services throughout Murrieta and Riverside county.
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Why you need Solar Panel Cleaning?

You invested in solar panels to produce clean energy at a more affordable rate, right? Well, your panels are most likely not doing their best. There's many different factors that are preventing sunlight to reach your solar cells in the most efficient way. Dirt, bird droppings and massive dust collection left on your panels are hindering your solar panels production of electricity. The longer it has been since your last solar panel cleaning the lower the energy production will be. According to the National Renewable Energy laboratory loss in Solar production can be up to 25%. For Solar panels that have been completely neglected losses range as high as 30% in electricity production failure. With a solar panel cleaning service your panels will look better, perform better, and protect them from being damaged.
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Why Use Black Belt Solar Panel Cleaning?

The First thing we want to let you know is your home and solar panels are safe with our solar panel cleaning services. We are licensed and fully Insured. This is the most important thing to consider when hiring a solar panel cleaning service professional as they will be on your roof as well as the obvious, conducting services on your expensive solar panels!
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How Do We Conduct Our Solar Panel Cleaning?

With our solar panel cleaning services we treat your panels with the utmost caution and care. We use a pure water, triple filtration process. This process includes a series of filtration including a carbon sediment filtration, reverse osmosis filtration and lastly a de-ionization filtration. This process removes harmful, hard minerals from the water. Solar Panel Cleaning with unfiltered water will leave these minerals behind on your panels and possibly cause mineral deposit stains on the glass. We Insure this doesn't happen and your panels are left spot free! For safety and the best results we use a forty foot carbon fiber water fed pole and a soft nylon brush to gently scrub the panels. This process leaves your solar panels spot free and without any residue to ensure the panels stay clean for as long as possible. We'll be sure to provide before and after photos of your solar panel cleaning to show you just how impressive the results can be.
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We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction With All Solar Cleaning Services

Black Belt Solar Panel Cleaning has years of experience in Solar panel cleaning. We have all the necessary expensive equipment to perform any solar panel cleaning in Murrieta, Temecula and throughout Riverside county. No matter how dirty or how big the job can be, commercial or residential, you name it, if it's solar panel cleaning we are the team for you! Our cleaning process is efficient, effective and we make safety our number one priority!

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Service Area: Murrieta Ca, Temecula Ca, Canyon Lake Ca, Wildomar Ca, Menifee Ca, Fallbrook Ca, Lake Elsinore Ca, Corona Ca, & Surrounding Areas

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What You'll Get With Our Solar Panel Cleaning Service

1 Million Dollar Insurance

Spot Free Finish

Before & After Photos

Best Professional Equipment

De-Ionized Pure Water Cleaning

Up To 25% Power Increase 

Home Owners Love Our Solar Cleaning Service

"I have quite a few solar panels on my home and before it gets too far into summer I wanted to get them cleaned so my association doesn't send me a letter and so they aren't under producing because of a bunch of dirt. The quote was super fair and the service was perfect. Will definitely use their solar panel cleaning service again."

- Josh McGowan, Canyon Hills, CA

"Very friendly and professional business. I called them to clean my solar panels and they did a fantastic job. The gentleman even took pictures to show me when he was done. I will be using only THIS company for solar cleaning and window cleaning!!!!  refreshing experience"

- Erica Fox, Hemet, CA

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